About Us


Il Punto Sano was founded in the 1990s as an herbalist shop and sale of organic products by its founder Renato Ravaglia and his wife Mieke, in Pianezza in
Cavour Square. After a long experience and years of study, both privately and by taking courses in Naturopathy, he developed his business independently by engineering a line of own-brand products that to this day continue to be very success in the market. Our business, in addition to our presence at international trade fairs, has developed both at fixed locations and through itinerant trade, this has allowed us to get to know and acquire a large national and international clientele. Throughout the years, we have learned to listen and not to underestimate the messages of our customers, we often learn more from them than from many books, we have learned to interpret the issues of each individual person by analyzing the narrative of a story, of a life, including work, social relationships, with all the issues that come with it, trying to understand the real needs and what will be the healing process that best suits the psychology, physiology and state of health of our clients. We do not have protocols to follow it is the client himself who speaking makes his own choice. We never force either the choice or the quantities to be taken because if the client is not convinced of the purchase, the result will never be fully satisfactory. These principles that have become the basis of operation daily are the result of knowledge that is acquired only after years of work
and study. The quality of the products that over the years we have decided to engineer, are the result of research, scientific knowledge, and experience, in creating synergistic blends of medicinal plants, in the appropriate use of vitamins, of minerals, not only from a chemical point of view but also from an alchemical that contemplates a comprehensive view of their effectiveness on both the body and on the spirit. We decided to produce using minimal excipients, packaging 100% recyclable raw materials and certified organic plants, products that are the result of careful and artisanal processing, which is intended to be a guarantee of quality and maximum effectiveness. Today, our laboratory also makes use of the studies and knowledge of Dr. Patrick, as well as trusted collaborators to whom is left the legacy of knowledge acquired and the task of carrying on the family tradition.

Our Team

Renato Ravaglia

Owner/ Naturopath

Mieke De Weerd


Patrick Ravaglia

Nutritionist/ Chief of Laboratory 

Bérengère De Weerd

Media/ Adimistrator